When you install a fireplace, stove, or insert in your home, you want a product that not only functions at the top of its class, but you likely want something that brings beauty to your home also. The look of the appliance says a lot about you and your home, so you don’t want to settle for a second rate appliance.

At Old Smokey’s, we only carry and sell Lopi and Hampton heating appliances. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality heating appliances on the market. We only sell appliances that meet optimal operation standards, and they offer such compliment to anyone’s home decor. These two brands are some of the best on the market, and we want to share with you why we love them.

Why sell top brands?

fireplace insertAt Old Smokey’s, our first priority is our customers. We care about the safety and concerns of you, and that’s why we only offer and sell the best brands. When it comes to deciding which brands to sell, we really do our research and consider these three factors.

  • Is it safe? – This is the first and most important question we ask when we decide to sell a product. Our customer’s health and safety is our top priority. If we have any reason to believe that a product isn’t safe, we won’t sell it. Our heating experts research all the products before they hit the sales floor, to ensure your safety.
  • How well does it operate? – You want your heating appliance to give its best performance. That’s why we only offer products that have been built with the highest quality parts. We also research how well it heats and how efficient it is. If you are using your appliance to heat your home, you want to get your money’s worth. That’s why we sell the most efficient products available on the market.
  • How is the product designed? – You also want a heating appliance that looks beautiful in your home. We know that everybody has different tastes, so we offer products across a wide spectrum of design options. We promise that when you come into our showroom, we will have a product that catches your eye and style.

If you want to see the wide variety of Lopi, Hampton and other brands we offer, come check out our showroom at 220 W State Street, Ashley, Indiana 46705. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with our dedication to safety, style, and function. If you are interested in adding warmth and style to your home, stop by our showroom or call Old Smokey’s at 260-424-0009. We look forward to serving you!