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Don’t Want A Fire? Don’t Neglect Your Dryer!

When you think of fire safety in your home, there’s a good chance you don’t even consider your clothes dryer – but you should! Just like your chimney system, your dryer venting system is designed to remove dangerous byproducts from your home and keep your appliance working as it was designed to.

Also like your chimney system, your dryer venting system will require regular inspections and cleanings if it’s to continue to do its job efficiently and safely. A neglected system can quickly become a fire and health hazard, and here’s why:

  • Lint buildup – Even if you clean out your lint trap with every use, you simply can’t avoid lint buildup. Your vents travel much further than the little lint trap, especially if you live in a newer home where the dryer is placed further in the home or on the second floor. Every bend, dip, climb and turn creates a nice little home for lint to settle, which leads to blockages and restricted air flow. And since a starved dryer will work at higher temperatures for longer times, that flammable lint can easily spark a fire.
  • Animals & Nesting Materials – When an animal or bird prepares to build a nest, it’s looking for the same things you and I are looking for: shelter and warmth — a toasty dryer vent provides just that. Unfortunately, even if the animals or birds end up leaving your venting system for good, they don’t tend to clean up after themselves, which means even if it’s animal free, your dryer vent may still be full of flammable nesting materials.
  • Loose Ducts – Many contractors simply seal dryer vent ducts with duct tape, which can easily come loose with the heat and moisture produced by a clothes dryer. This can be particularly dangerous in newer homes where vents tend to be lengthy and travel throughout the home. If these ducts come loose, carbon monoxide, high heat and other dangerous byproducts of the dryer can cause health problems and fire hazards.

How Efficient Is Your Dryer?

In addition to the safety and health hazards associated with a dirty or neglected dryer vent, you’ll also experience energy and time waste. Why? When a dryer vent is blocked or leaking, your dryer will ultimately have to work much harder in order to do its job. The result is wasted energy (and higher utility bills) and wasted time. Have you noticed that your clothes are still damp after a full dry cycle? When was the last time you had your dryer vents inspected? There’s a good chance it’s time for a professional cleaning.

Let The Pros At Old Smokey’s Help!

We can help you reduce your fire risk and your energy bills, without leaving you with a mess on your hands. Our expert dryer vent technicians use specialized tools and vacuums to ensure that your home stays clean and dust-free, despite the condition of your vents. Call on the pros at Old Smokey’s — you’ll be glad you did!

To schedule your annual dryer vent inspection and cleaning, give us a call at 260-587-9691 or click here!

Regular chimney sweeping will go a long way toward keeping your chimney safe to use every year, so schedule this critical service for your chimney today.

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