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The hearth and fireplace can be the big focal point of any room and is oftentimes the heart of the home. It can be a place where family and friends gather, grow close, and escape the worries of the world. Is your hearth still enjoyable to gather around? If not, maybe it’s time for an update!

Updating the look of your hearth not only enhances your home — it also sets the tone for an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. If you have an older looking hearth and fireplace, or maybe one that you feel is too basic, then maybe it’s time to consider some hearth remodeling options.

The Options Available to You

When updating your hearth, there are a number of brick and stone options to choose from and a variety of patterns, styles, and colors that afford countless possibilities. With all of the options out there, you can create a finished product that is unique, elegant, and captivating. You’ll also have the opportunity to match the look and feel of your new hearth to your home.


Brick is classic and timeless and can also be quite stunning with the right mantel and design. It is durable and cost effective, and available in a variety of colors and styles.

Stone and Cultured Stone

Stone fireplaces are captivating in their own way and can add that “wow” element to your living space. Stone is not just for a more rustic look, as there are many styles that range from traditional to modern. Stone materials can sometimes cost more, but cultured stone can have the look of natural stone without the elevated costs.

Don’t Forget the Fireplace

You can also update your fireplace with an insert for better heating efficiency. Modern inserts can help reduce heating costs and come in many styles to suit your décor.

The experts and professionals at Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney can help you better your living space with a fireplace and hearth that will make you feel warm and cozy. Call or stop by the showroom to speak with our experts to see how we can rejuvenate your fireplace.