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Add Convenience With a New Gas Log Set

Are you thinking of adding a new fireplace to your home? Do you rarely use your older wood burning fireplace? Wood fireplaces are wonderful, but they do take a lot more work in regards to operation and upkeep. Oftentimes, the inconvenience of chopping wood and starting a wood fire deters homeowners from using their fireplace as much as they would like. But, what if we told you that you could have an authentic looking fire with the flip of a switch? At Old Smokey’s, we are very excited about the selection of gas log sets that we have available. Our gas log sets are easy to operate, easier to maintain, and are usually more economical than their wood-burning counterparts.

Gas Log Sets

A gas log set is an appliance that can either be installed in a new fireplace or be inserted in an already existing gas or wood burning fireplace. It consists of a gas burner and a set of ceramic logs. The burner produces large flames, similar to what you would get with a wood burning appliance, using either natural gas or propane. The fire resistant ceramic logs look like real wooden logs. The effect of the burner and the log set together is a genuine looking wood fire but without the wood.

Gas log sets mimic wood burning fireplace while producing a similar amount of heat. However, they aren’t incredibly efficient heat producers and therefore aren’t recommended for home heating needs. If you are looking for home heating options, check out some of the other appliances that we offer here at Old Smokey’s.


Although gas log sets require similar ventilation as a wood burning fireplace, the ventilation system is usually easier to maintain. This is because the ceramic log don’t actually burn and only produces a small amount of gas byproduct from the natural gas or propane. Therefore, vent cleaning is easier due to the diminished creosote production. That being said, it is still important to have you vent inspected every year by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweep.

Gas log sets are much easier to operate than a wood fireplace. Instead of finding a wood source, hauling and stacking wood at home, all you need to do with a gas log set is flip a switch. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you want to add convenience and elegance to your home, call us at Old Smokey’s to get an estimate on a gas log set. You can call us at 800-876-6539 or schedule an appointment online here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Old-fashioned and ultra-modern appointment scheduling tips

The concept of “spring cleaning” is likely rooted in nature. Look around. You might see robins and sparrows gathering twigs and string to make nests. It’s not exactly spring cleaning, but you get the idea. After a winter of more or less hibernating, creatures get busy. We humans are no different. That’s why it is wise to put Old Smokey’s on your dance card as soon as possible for chimney, fireplace, or dryer vent inspections or improvements.

Old fashioned and ultra modern appointment scheduling tips - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokeys(Ever wonder what a dance card actually is? Back in the 19th century at a formal ball, a man wishing to dance with a woman would pencil in his name on an elaborately decorated booklet, or dance card, the woman carried with her. The woman recorded the names of her prospective dance partners on the dance card. Rules of etiquette made it difficult for her to refuse the dance offer.)

Old Smokey’s doesn’t want to say no to your inquiry or your prospective need for our professional services. Our first appointment scheduling tip is simple and direct: Get to us before our dance card is full!

Along those lines, Old Smokey’s also has some practical suggestions. These are recommendations that will help us to serve you better. You might say it’s akin to saying, in the 1800s, make sure you have a pencil and a dance card. Simple but practical.

First, schedule nonemergency services during the spring and summer months. That’s why we’re talking to you about this now. You won’t believe how busy things start to get — for you and for us. Sure, emergencies are never planned, but routine maintenance can be. Schedule it today.

Here’s another suggestion: do not use your fireplace and chimney in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment. Remove all ash from the firebox. Complying with these requests will help assure the safety of our technicians. (Old Smokey’s thanks you in advance for this courtesy.)

Finally, if you have breakable or delicate items in the 5- to 6-foot area surrounding the appliance being serviced, please move them before the appointment. That’s common sense and practical. (Thanks, again.)

Actually, before we leave this topic, a few other thoughts about appointments come to mind, some more whimsical than others:

Do not (repeat, do not) tie a string on your finger as an appointment reminder. That stuff never worked, not even in the days of dance cards. Some retro things are cool, but not tying a string on your finger.

You do not have to physically walk into our offices in Ashley, Indiana to make an appointment. However, if you do stop by to make an appointment, that’s fine. Glad to see you. We like visitors.

It is okay to mark your wall calendar at home with an appointment date or secure a note on your fridge with a magnet. Nevertheless, if you want to go all modern with some sort of appointment app reminder on your smartphone, go right ahead.

Schedule your appointment now by calling 260-424-0009. You can also book an appointment online. The advantage of booking online is that you have an opportunity to tell us a bit about the specific services you need, and why.

Tell us which dance (um, service) you want to be penciled in for. We won’t say no.

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