If Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney were to have a branding mascot, what would it be? A bear? No. Too much like Smokey Bear. That mascot is taken. A gray-haired firefighter? Maybe. How about a walking chimney? Who knows? Chime in with your own suggestions. At any rate, we do know this: our Old Smokey’s representative would need a GPS. That’s because the length, breadth, and width of our service area might prove challenging. And we are ready to use the latest technology to find you and find you fast.

Service Area Extends Far and Near - Fort Wayne IN - Old SmokeysFor more than 20 years now, Old Smokey’s highly qualified service providers have crisscrossed northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio, and midsouth Michigan. In doing so, we have provided expertise and applied our experience on behalf of thousands of customers. Our technical staff has helped folks get the most out of their fireplaces, chimneys, clothes dryers, and homes. Old Smokey’s has delivered services to enhance safety and improve efficiency. And we do so far and near.

Please think of us as your neighbors – or your neighbor’s neighbors. (And in some cases, we might simply be your neighbors-in-waiting.) The Old Smokey’s service area extends from Shipshewana in the west to West Unity in the east, from Coldwater in the north to Fort Wayne in the south. To help you break it down, we’ve listed counties, cities, towns, hamlets, and villages in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. We’ve also listed Zip Codes for handy reference. As you can see, we have at least 11 counties, 75 towns or cities, and 179 Zip Codes in our comprehensive service area. We say “at least” because tomorrow you might find you are a new customer who has just ever so slightly extended the service reach of old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney.

Why is all this of any concern to you? That’s easy. You want affordable and expert service promptly and reliably. You want a chimney and fireplace service team that can reach you within a reasonable amount of time. You certainly would not want to be dealing with a “national” franchise that had little or no local experience. That’s another key point: when you have a local service provider for your fireplace and chimney care and maintenance, it is easier to feel confident if word of mouth and local buzz are traceable to real people you can identify with. Rather than rely on the comments of total strangers, it is more comforting to hear positive reviews from neighboring consumers. These are people whose local customs and habits you know and understand.

Make that call to your trusted chimney and fireplace partners at Old Smokey’s at 260-424-0009 or 800-876-6539. If you prefer, connect to us and schedule an appointment online. Either way, give us special directions if needed (such as, “Turn left by that big ol’ red barn at the four corners”), or we’ll gladly rely on modern technology.