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Not all fireplaces are created equal. Depending on the age of your home and/or the overall condition of your fireplace and all of its parts, you could be sending some serious money right up the chimney during the heating season; it’s estimated that a typical homeowner can lose up to 8% of valuable heated air from an typical open fireplace up the chimney. If reading this statistic has you even the slightest bit scared about using your fireplace as a heating source when the weather turns cold, don’t write it off just yet. The good news is you can transform your fireplace into an efficient room heater simply by adding a fireplace insert and increase your heating efficiency by up to 40%.


An insert is the answer to making your old fireplace more efficient without having to replace it, and, most of the time, they can be retrofitted to your existing wood-burning fireplace seamlessly. They solve two problems of heat escaping through the fireplace and up the chimney. First, inserts operate like stoves in the sense that you close the doors. Closing the doors allows the heat from the room to not flow up the chimney. Secondly, with the doors closed, they radiate the heat of the fire through circulating air vents to push the heat throughout the room, rather than just very hot in front of the fireplace.


Adding an insert will only slightly (in most cases) change the overall look of your fireplace; however, it can take it from a net energy loser to a helpful tool in keeping those skyrocketing heating costs at bay during the winter months. They can really add to the decor of a room and many very efficient inserts have old world traditional looks while some can be very modern looking to match your tastes and overall interior design of a room.


You’re probably sitting there wondering how much an insert is going to set you back. Nevertheless, they are affordable. Inserts can run anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the time of year and your geographic location. This is an all-inclusive price, which includes installation and a new specialized chimney liner. In the US, sometimes there are tax breaks and deductions for moving into a more efficient burning appliance such as an insert, so check the most current IRS income tax code for some possible extra savings.


If you’re considering a fireplace insert, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Choosing the type of heater that best meets the needs of your particular application is as simple as deciding what’s most important to you:

  • If burning real wood and having heat even if the power goes out is your goal, choose a wood-burning insert.
  • If burning a bio-fuel without the hassle of wood in an attempt to minimize your carbon footprint is your goal, choose a pellet insert.
  • If flipping on fast heat in a particular portion of the home is your goal, choose a gas insert.

Because fuel prices are in a constant state of flux, any savings measurements are really just a moving target. Generally speaking, a homeowner who opts to have an insert installed is looking at an annual savings of anywhere from $75-$250 dollars. While this may not sound like a tremendous amount of savings considering the upfront costs of the insert itself, the savings over the long haul can and will really add up over the lifespan of the insert.

Your home is an investment, and, as such, any decision you make needs to include at least a small measure of foresight. Protecting your family and preserving your home and lifestyle is important. But what can you do to make sure that you’re enjoying the heating and venting systems in your home as safely as possible? That’s easy! Our technicians are certified, highly skilled, and extensively trained to provide you with the best in chimney care.

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