You may think it is too late to get a new fireplace installed before winter comes, but think again! Options exist that do not require the construction and masonry effort of a full chimney system installation. Here are a few less costly and efficient options provided and installed by Old Smokey’s Fireplace and Chimney.

Wood Stoves

A free standing wood stove can be the perfect addition to your home. Not only are wood stoves relatively easy to install, but they are more efficient and safer than a fireplace.

An EPA certified freestanding wood stove minimizes the amount of particulate matter emitted into the air. This means that they offer a more complete combustion process than fireplaces, leading to hotter and more efficient fires. They emit fewer byproducts from the firebox, reducing creosote buildup and therefore your chances of a house fire.

The risks of open fire systems include stray sparks and embers escaping the fire box. However, wood stove fires are contained in an enclosed combustion system that traps sparks and stray embers, translating into a safer fire.

Finally, wood stoves are much more efficient than open fire systems. Wood fireplaces give off heat, but unfortunately, most of it is lost out of the chimney. On the other hand, wood stoves offer as much as 3 times the heat of a fire place with just about ⅓ the amount of firewood.

Gas Stoves

Old Smokey’s Fireplace and Chimney also offers a variety of gas stoves as well. Gas stoves are even more energy efficient than wood stoves, translating to lower energy costs regardless of gas prices. Gas stoves also burn cleaner and generally safe. However, you need a gas line available to run your gas stove, so factors such as gas line location play a role in their installation price.

Let Us Help You!

With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to have a wood or gas stove installed by one of our CSIA certified heating technicians. Our busy time of year is almost among us, so contact us today to set up an appointment to ensure you beat the cold weather rush!