Fireplace and Stove Glass Safety - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokey's Fireplace and ChimneyEver notice how some folks can’t resist touching a surface even though a sign sends a warning? For these individuals, WET PAINT is almost an invitation to ignore the warning. Although your fireplace or stove likely does not have a HOT SURFACE warning sign, dangers loom, especially for children. What can you as a homeowner do to lower risks and add protection related to fireplace and stove glass safety? At Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney, our highly trained professionals can help. Whether it is advice or accessories you need, we are ready, able — and smart.

Adding a Protective Barrier or Protective Screen

Fireplace and stove glass safety naturally relies on some degree of human intervention. Of course, you want to be careful that young children don’t touch the heated glass. Even after the fire is out, glass fronts and surfaces of your stove and fireplace can remain hot for long periods. Use common sense and monitor young ones at all times.

Beyond that, a few simple accessories can add a layer of safety and protection for all. As recommended by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, or HPBA, free-standing or attached safety screens or gates provide a barrier making it harder for anyone, adult or child, to accidentally touch a hot surface.

Three Different Type of Protective Barriers

There are three different types of protective barriers that are used for protection from harm to you or your family. The first kind are attachable safety screens for fireplaces that is isolated from the fireplace so it does not get hot and keeps anyone or any hands from getting too close to the fire. These are usually exact fit for the manufacturers specific fireplace. The second type are attached safety gates. These gates anchor to the wall and set up secure barriers for little ones to keep away from and you can feel safe that even if your child or pets are left unattended even for a second they will be safe from the fire. The third ind is unattached safety screens that are more decorative allow for easy access to the fire for attending, but are lightweight and do not offer the best security. A screen or protective barrier of any kind should be a must have for anyone with children or pets that will be around a fireplace or stove.

Tips on Safety Products

New technologies are being developed all the time, so it is important to know the safety features of fireplace products and the latest safety products available. Many fireplaces have a specific safety device for your unit; so contact the manufacturer with the model number of your appliance. Aftermarket screens and devices are available and you can always check with your local specialty retailer for more information on proper fitting. Always ensure the sturdiness of any screen or barrier so it cannot be removed by a pet or child. Be smart and do not take risks for any loose safety device.

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