What is Zone Heating and How Can It Save on Energy Bills - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokey's Fireplace and ChimneyWhat exactly is “zone heating”? No, it has nothing to do with “The Twilight Zone,” or any other kind of science fiction. As the name implies, zone heating simply allows you to allocate heating to select portions of your home. It’s common sense, and modern technology makes it more possible than ever. Let the experienced and trained pros at Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney help you to make the most of zone heating — and the least of your heating costs this winter.

Heat Where You Are

Old Smokey’s experts are intimately familiar with heating zone recommendations of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, or HPBA, as well as equipment manufacturer guidance. We know how to make these heating zone recommendations work to optimum effect within your residence. Schedule an appointment today so we can assess your particular needs and individual circumstances. More than anything else, we will want to evaluate where you spend the most time, where you need the most comfort and the best use of your current heating system — as well as options for equipment upgrades. You don’t want your furnace heating up rarely used or underused spaces. Let us help you map out a zone heating plan.

Efficiency Brings Savings

Fireplaces and free standing stoves make it easy for you to apportion where your heat goes. Old Smokey’s especially understands how to configure these heating systems to achieve maximum efficiency. Using supplemental heating sources from any fuel type, Old Smokey’s can let you turn down the thermostat of your central furnace. Gas and pellet stoves have excellent zone heating capabilities, but wood burning stoves and inserts can also be just as efficient with a newer EPA rated unit. This means your furnace has to work less; it does not have to turn on as frequently — which results in significant cost savings for you as a consumer.

Calculating Zone Heating Savings

Let us be your experts in outlining the best methods and equipment to implement zone heating efficiency and savings in your home. We can help you achieve savings in the range of 30%, though of course every situation differs.

See What Zone Heating Can Do for You

Consider a professional assessment of your furnace system and the potential for improvements. For over 20 years, Old Smokey’s has helped homeowners like you throughout northern Indiana, northern Ohio and mid-Michigan. We proudly serve folks in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas with professional fireplace services.

For more information on upgrading your fireplace or zone heating can save on your energy and heating bills this winter, call us at 260-424-0009 or click here to schedule an appointment to discuss zone heating — and how it can save money for you.