Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney knows a thing or two about fireplaces, including firebrick design patterns for your interior fireplace. We’re pleased to share our experience and expertise – and imagination.

Many aspects enter into consideration for firebrick design.

These include brick patterns, textures, and color selection. Whatever you select, your firebrick can accentuate the beauty of your fireplace room — as well as your entire interior space.

What other considerations come into play? Aesthetics. It’s all about aesthetics. With that in mind, understand that you’ll want to effortlessly coordinate and balance your firebrick design in harmony with everything around it.

Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to lighting, spatial relationships, accenting and contrasting, scale, and context. In other words, choose textures and materials that play off of one another. As a case in point, white bricks and a white mantel can brighten a formerly dark space and set up a nice contrast with other rooms.

What about firebrick patterns themselves?

Several firebrick patterns are commonly used by homeowners.

Take split herringbone. It consists of interlocking V patterns stacked one on top of the other. Similarly, regular herringbone features interlocking L’s, stacked to resemble upside-down V’s.

Running bond is a popular firebrick pattern, perhaps the most popular. Quite simply, the pattern is standard brickwork, the kind you would see anywhere, such as the exterior of a brick building.

As the name suggests, stacked bond, or stack bond, is a firebrick pattern that stacks the bricks in parallel rows, from bottom to top.

Another popular choice is basket weave, which conveys a bucolic setting. This pattern consists of alternating placements of two bricks, with a pair of adjacent bricks perpendicular to the first two, then two more pairs “weaved” similarly.

If your home is a historical structure, Old Smokey’s can assist you in matching your firebrick pattern and materials to the traditional design and materials used in your original structure. In this instance, you will most likely want the interior fireplace characteristics to echo those of the exterior brickwork. Our artisanal masons have the talent and experience to meet those challenges.

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We will collaborate with you to create the right look and feel through firebrick design.

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Firebrick patterns and design open the door to a refreshed look for your living space. Perhaps you are building from scratch. That’s all the more reason to set the right tone at the outset. Old Smokey’s would love to be your partner in this endeavor.