People used to tie a string on a finger to keep them from forgetting something. How would that work? What if looking at the string served to remind them of SOMETHING, but they forgot what it was they were supposed to remember?

How’s this? To remind yourself of the need for dryer vent cleaning, place those little plastic dryer balls around the house.

Dryer vent cleaning is important enough that reminder tricks might well be worth it, no matter how eccentric. Here at Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney dryer vent cleaning is a key part of our business.

Let’s review why this relatively straightforward task is prudent and smart.

First, it’s the safe thing to do. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires is failure to clean. (Incidentally, here are some tips the NFPA offers regarding dryer vent safety.)

What is this “failure to clean”?

Dryer vents tend to get blocked or clogged over the course of time and repeated use. If the dryer vent is not cleaned, lint and other debris collected there can start a fire. The lint is dry and flammable. It poses a fire risk. These vents need to be professionally cleaned.

Old Smokey’s has the trained professionals and equipment to properly clean your dryer vent. Our experts will clear clogs and remove blockages to allow air to ventilate and flow freely – and safely. Old Smokey’s knows how to professionally clean your dryer vent, including the vent line, the lint trap, and connections and fittings.

A dryer vent cleaning yields several benefits.

You save money because your dryer is more efficient. (Plus, you won’t have to take as long to dry clothes.) You can reduce health risks by ventilating carbon monoxide to the outside. And you can lessen the likelihood that lint buildup can create conditions for mold to form.

We at Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney suggest that you have your dryer vents inspected annually by a qualified professional. In line with that annual inspection, have your vents professionally cleaned to clear away any potentially fire-inducing lint blockages.

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