Imagine baking in the hot sun summer after summer. Picture yourself pelted by wind, snow, ice and rain in the dead of winter. Day after day. Obviously, humans do not have to withstand such weathery assaults — at least not in such large and prolonged doses! But chimneys do. And no matter the quality of the materials used in your chimney, time and the elements will exact a toll.

Old bricks need new attention.

Does your old brick need some newness - Fort Wayne IN - Old SmokeysLet Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney take a careful, close look at the aging brickwork on your chimney. We’ll give you an honest appraisal — and recommend repair, repointing, restoration, or rebuild (but only if you really need it).

Brick, stone and mortar have been used to build fireplaces and chimneys for centuries. And for good reason. Brick, for example, is durable. It readily withstands merciless onslaughts from the elements —and from ordinary use. Your brickwork might only need relatively routine maintenance, or something more radical and substantial.

Let’s take a closer look at what your masonry might need.

Repair of Poor Construction

A poorly built chimney may function improperly, and it simply will not last as long as a properly built structure. Old Smokey’s frequently encounters poorly designed or executed chimney construction that causes unforeseen problems. Have us take a close look, if you are not sure of the quality of your chimney construction.

Repair of Water or Moisture Damage

Water or moisture damage is common and pervasive. It can cause a host of problems, from cracking and crumbling joints and bricks to discoloration and mold growth. Don’t delay. Call Old Smokey’s today to inspect for leaks so that we can undertake chimney repairs in a thoroughly professional manner.

Repair of Weather, Time or Aging Damage

As we said, your chimney brickwork is constantly under attack, from season to season. It’s not unlike the risks a person’s skin faces. Aging is inevitable, but let a pro from Old Smokey’s be the dermatologist, so to speak, of your chimney brickwork. Our experts will walk you through repair options geared toward renewed life for your venerable chimney.


Repointing involves the removal of eroding mortar joints and replacing them with smooth, new mortar. It’s one of our most common chimney jobs. It’s a tedious task, but it allows Old Smokey’s to make good use of our expert knowledge of masonry history, materials, techniques and tools.

Full Rebuild or Restoration

Sometimes a chimney just can’t be repaired; it’s not cost-effective. You have to “punt” and go for a full rebuild. Let our experienced masons replicate — and surpass — your chimney’s original beauty and functionality.

Top-Tier Quality

We are proud of the artisans who make up our team. For 20-plus years, Old Smokey’s has delivered excellence to homeowners in northern Indiana, northern Ohio and mid-Michigan. Folks from Elkhart in the west to Ypsilanti in the east, from Lansing in the north to Defiance and Fort Wayne in the south know Old Smokey’s.

Call us at 260-424-0009 or 800-876-6539 or click here now to schedule an appointment. We thank you. And so do your aging bricks.