Even a professional can benefit from optimum working conditions. What we mean is, have your chimney inspected, repaired, or refurbished before snow, ice, or cold make the work all the more challenging. No one likes the inconvenience or added hazards of slipperiness, numb fingers, or vision impaired by wind and sleet.

Get Chimney Restorations Done Before the Snow Falls - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokey's First, about that chimney inspection. Have it done by a qualified professional. Real estate folks — who pay attention to things that keep your home’s value — readily advise hiring a professional.

Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney fits the description of qualified professionals.

We know chimneys inside and out. We know about their proper design and installation, their care and maintenance, and their repair or restoration.

Since Old Smokey’s technicians are trained professionals, they can deliver a competent and accurate appraisal of your chimney. We look for masonry chimney damage — and how to fix it. If your chimney needs to be restored, we will take a systematic approach. Restoration implies longevity and legacy — and the idea of respecting the original design and character of the chimney. Thus, a 1790’s structure poses challenges unique to the era. Therefore, a good restoration must pay heed to mimicking the original materials and patterns.

Old Smokey’s recognizes a faithfully executed chimney restoration.

A professional restoration strengthens the structural integrity of your chimney. If we’ve done our job right, you would be hard-pressed to know that any chimney restoration was done. The chimney should look natural and authentic.

The need for restoration can come from a variety of causes. For example, your masonry chimney crown can crack after years of onslaught from weather and climate. Be sure to repair a damaged crown quickly to prevent leaks.

Restoration often includes repointing or tuckpointing. If your masonry has started spalling (flaking, chipping, and crumbling), Old Smokey’s can repair and restore your chimney by making those improvements in accord with any historical designs and features.

Finally, what about the bricks?

With proper care and maintenance, bricks can last a century or more. But water and weather, as well as the natural settling of a home, can take their toll on bricks and mortar joints. Our experienced professionals carefully consider the right choice of brickwork to respect the integrity of your original designers and builders.

Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney technicians are CSIA-certified. Having gone through rigorous training, they know how to properly conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your chimney system. We use plain English to inform you about the condition of your chimney, and whether a restoration is in order.

Old Smokey’s has been serving homeowners just like you for more than two decades in northern Indiana, northern Ohio and mid-Michigan. Call us at 260-424-0009 or 800-876-6539 or click here now to schedule an inspection of your chimney.

Do it now so we don’t have to compete with that guy in the sled pulled by reindeer. We hate when that happens.