Looking To Reline Your Chimney? We Can Help

Here at Old Smokey’s, we know what it takes to keep a chimney system working as safely and as efficiently as it should. And we know that if the flue liner is missing or in poor condition, safely enjoying a fire in your home is out of the question. That’s why we work so hard to educate our clients and neighbors on the importance of the flue liner.

If you have questions about your chimney liner or whether or not relining services are needed, don’t hesitate to reach out and book an inspection with us.

What Relining Options Does Old Smokey’s Offer?

Depending on the extent of your damage, we may choose to install a new liner or resurface your existing clay liner with HeatShield®. We also install stainless steel and aluminum liners, both of which have their merits. Stainless steel liners are incredibly durable and typically come with a lifetime warranty, while an aluminum liner may be fine if you’re using a gas appliance.

HeatShield Cerfactory Flue Sealant

What Does the Flue Liner Do?

Your chimney flue liner’s main jobs are to:

  1. contain smoke, carbon monoxide, and other byproducts of combustion and remove them from the home
  2. protect the chimney masonry and nearby combustibles from the intense heat of a fire
  3. ensure harmful combustion byproducts can’t break down and damage your chimney masonry

Long story short… when you enjoy a fire in your fireplace, you can thank your flue liner! All fuel types produce some sort of combustion byproducts, and your flue liner works hard to contain those byproducts and remove them from your home. Without a quality liner, dangerous gases – like carbon monoxide – could end up in your air supply.

And just like your liner contains combustion byproducts, it also contains the high heat of a fire. Not only can heat and moisture cause damage to the masonry of your chimney, it can also easily ignite nearby combustibles, causing a house fire.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Flue Liner?

For decades, chimneys were made without liners, which we now know is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, without a professional inspection, it can be difficult to know what kind of condition your existing chimney liner is in, or if you even have one.

The only real way to know the condition of your flue liner is to have a professional chimney inspection completed. During an inspection, an experienced technician will send a video camera along the length of your chimney flue, checking for cracks, gaps, holes and deterioration. If it’s revealed that your liner needs some care, we’re here to help with that.

Give Us a Call

If you need a new flue liner, or if you aren’t sure if you do or not, give us a call at 260-587-9691. We can conduct a thorough inspection and make the proper recommendation for your situation. Call or schedule online now.


When it comes to chimney or fireplace repair, we’re happy to provide HeatShield® relining for qualified chimney interiors for a less expensive relining option.