HeatShield®: A Solution To Repair Your Existing Chimney Flue Liner

If you have a clay flue liner that is structurally sound, but could use some repairs here and there, it may not be necessary to completely reline your chimney. Here at Old Smokey’s, we’re proud to be certified HeatShield® installers, which allows us to fix damaged clay liners without asking our clients to invest in a full (more expensive) relining job.

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What Is HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is resurfacing treatment that uses a Cerfractory sealant designed to coat and fill in gaps, cracks, and holes in a clay flue liner. The product is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, and it can provide a smooth, smoke-tight surface without the expense of a full relining job.

HeatShield Cerfactory Flue Sealant

How Does HeatShield® Work?

The HeatShield® product is versatile and allows us to address problems within your flue one by one, or as a whole. For example, if you simply have a few deteriorating mortar joints, we can apply the HeatShield® product to those joints and smooth them over with a customized foam blade.

If you have various areas throughout your flue that need repair, we can pour the product into your liner and use the customized foam blade to smooth the flue from bottom to top, creating a smooth, smoke-tight surface overall.

What If I Have an Unlined Flue?

If you have an unlined flue, we can also use HeatShield® to line the flue. Known as the CeCure Sleeve Relining System, we simply apply a layer of HeatShield® to your flue, place a CeCure Sleeve inside, and then finish up with another layer of HeatShield®. The result is an incredibly durable, heat-resistant flue liner that is sure to last you for years.

If you are looking to reline your flue or repair your existing clay liner, you may want to consider the amazing HeatShield® product. It is approved for use with all fuels, and can withstand moisture, combustion byproducts, and even temperatures exceeding 2900 degrees F. In our opinion, it’s well worth considering!

Get Peace of Mind With a Professional Chimney Inspection

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