Can I get a Stove Installed If I Don't Have a Chimney - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokey'sMany homeowners view wood stoves as efficient heat sources and viable alternatives to fireplaces. Because of this, they ask if they can get a stove installed if they don’t have a traditional masonry chimney. The answer is yes!

Stoves do not need a masonry chimney – instead, they can use what is commonly referred to as a chimney pipe. A chimney pipe just needs an exit point to the outside of your home and can be installed at the same time as your wood stove.

Newer, more efficient stoves utilize a twin-pipe system (a pipe within a pipe) — one to draw in air for combustion, and the other for exhaust. Because the inner pipe is for drawing in air for combustion, it acts as an insulator to the exhaust pipe; this opens up many options for placement since there is a reduced fire risk.

The skilled professionals at Old Smokey’s Fireplace and Chimney can complete the project quickly and with the highest level of quality and care.

Why a Twin-Pipe System?

Twin pipe systems bring in air for combustion through the outer pipe. You might be wondering why air for combustion would be needed, as many open fireplaces have simply used the air in the home. The main reason for the twin-pipe system is to increase the heating efficiency of the stove by closing the doors and allowing the fire to build. This results in a more productive burn that creates less ash and uses less fuel or wood. This is the main reason why modern stoves are a huge improvement in efficiency over previous outdated designs.

Another reason for this system is that the cold from the outside does not have access to the room you are trying to heat. Heating a room decreases the air pressure in the room as the heat rises, causing a downdraft as colder, higher pressure air from outside finds its ways through cracks and openings and down the chimney. This is called the stack effect and can be somewhat difficult to address, especially with a fireplace or stove installed on the perimeter of the home. However, closing the stove door provides an air tight seal and allows a hotter fire to build and overcome this effect.

It’s Time To Get The Stove You’ve Always Wanted

If you’ve always brushed off the idea of a wood stove because you don’t have a chimney, it’s time to reconsider! The experts at Old Smokey’s are certified by the CSIA, and can add a stove and chimney pipe without major construction, stress, and spending.

Contact the chimney and woodstove specialists at Old Smokey’s and get the stove you’ve been dreaming of!