If April showers bring May flowers, what do they do to masonry chimneys? Whatever month the rain comes down, it poses a threat to your chimney.

Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney is familiar with the onslaughts of seasonal meteorological assaults on your chimney.

Let’s take a closer look.

Cold (or warm) April showers leave an impact on bricks and mortar. The rains exert physical stress on chimneys.

Old Smokey’s understands what damage excessive moisture can do to your chimney. Moisture in your chimney can damage the brickwork, chimney crown, flashing or liner. Brick absorbs water. Gaps, cracks or crumbling in mortar joints can allow this water to spread to other parts of your chimney.

Old Smokey’s has seen this many times.

A good move if you suspect water intrusion is a professional chimney inspection. We have to find out what’s going on — if anything. Water intrusion problems might not be seen by the average person at first glance. We suggest you schedule an appointment with Old Smokey’s today. Call us at 260-424-0009 or 800-876-6539 or click here.

Have Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney take a professional look at your chimney’s brickwork. We’ll assess whether damage from April showers warrants chimney repair or rebuild.

Spalling is just one type of brick damage. Spalling is the surface deterioration of your brickwork. Cracks appear. Pieces of brick begin to form chips and break off. It’s a breakdown that demands attention, often resulting in brick replacement or more.

Let Old Smokey’s conduct an honest assessment of current conditions and guide you through recommended remedial options, ranging from repointing to selective brick replacement to chimney rebuilds.

The signs of leakage can be visual or smell-related.

Perhaps you see rust streaks, brick deterioration or vegetation on your chimney. Maybe your chimney smells damp, mildewed or moldy. How can you tell for sure what the cause is? A professional annual inspection is your best insurance policy against further damage from water or moisture intrusion. During an inspection, we identify areas of water entry, examine the flashing, the roof area surrounding the chimney, the chimney cap, the chimney crown and the masonry of the chimney itself.

One obvious remedy is to waterproof your chimney. Our highly trained technicians can apply the most effective waterproofing products available, designed for chimney systems and protective of your masonry.

Perhaps your moisture problem is caused my improperly installed or poor-quality flashing material. Properly installed and maintained flashing is an effective tool for keeping water out of your chimney system.

We are proud of our Old Smokey’s trained professionals.

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When you call, if you just happen to hear the Beatles’ song “Rain” while you’re waiting, that just means we’re not afraid of a little spring rain.