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Let Old Smokey’s fix your Smoky Fireplace

Your fireplace offers you endless hours of enjoyment with its warmth and ambiance. However, if there are smoke entering your home with each fire, this can ruin your fireplace experience. At Old Smokey’s, we want you to enjoy your fireplace as long as possible. If you’re having issues with your fireplace, we can help! Let us help you discover what issues are causing your fireplace to smoke, and our experts can also offer the skills and experience to resolve it.

What causes smoky fireplaces?

Let Old Smokey's fix your Smoky Fireplaces - Fort Wayne IN - Old Smokey's Fireplace & ChimneyMost smoky fireplace problems are from airflow issues. If your chimney or home’s airflow system isn’t working properly, you will have issues with your fires not burning hot enough and improper smoke ventilation.

Chimney blockages also have a detrimental effect on airflow. Your chimney is designed to quickly take smoke and gases out of your home. However, if there is a blockage in your chimney, smoke and gases start to back up to cause a smoky home. There are many things that can cause a chimney blockages. Creosote build up or build ups of organic material such as sticks, leaves, and animal nests or even a malfunctioning damper can all contribute to a chimney blockage. The best solution to prevent a chimney blockage is to get your chimney inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweep annually.

Another common issue with airflow is negative air pressure in your home. Sometimes, when a home is sealed too tightly, wind and temperature differences can cause the air pressure outside of your home to be greater than the inside of your home. This turns your home into a vacuum. Since air can’t get in through your windows and doors, it often gets sucked in through the fireplace. Negative air pressure can usually be solved by simply cracking a window until your chimney starts working again.

Other common issues

When smoke doesn’t have a smooth passage from your firebox to your chimney’s outlet, it bounces around your chimney and starts to cause smoke to build up and flow into your home. If there are missing parts in your chimney flue or smoke chamber, it will prevent smoke from venting properly. If this is the cause, it is a good time to have your chimney relined or your smoke chamber parged. These issues are sometimes complicated, and they should only be performed by an experienced, CSIA certified chimney technician.

You don’t have to put up with a smoky fireplace. Call Old Smokey’s today at 260-424-0009, or schedule an appointment online to have one of our CSIA chimney technicians fix your smoky fireplace today!

What to do when Smoke Comes into Your Home

Nothing is better than sitting around the warm glow of a wood burning fireplace. Cuddling up with loved ones around a fireplace is both fun and relaxing. However, there is nothing fun and relaxing when your fireplace starts to send smoke into your living areas. At Old Smokey’s, we want to let you know why there might be smoke coming from your chimney and what you can do to fix it.

Your home’s airflow system is key to a properly working chimney system. If there are issues within this system it can lead to a number of problems which could cause smoke to come into your home.

Chimney Blockages

Your chimney is designed to take warm air and gases created by your fireplace upwards and out of your home. However, if there is a blockage in your chimney, you may not be getting a proper updraft. Smoke could come into your home as a result. Chimney blockages are caused by any number of different things including:

  • creosote build up,
  • animal nests,
  • or even just a malfunctioning damper.

There are different solutions to blockage issues depending on what is causing the blockage. No matter what the cause is, it is important that you have a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweep, like the ones at Old Smokey’s, assess the situation and find a solution that is best for your chimney system.

Negative Air Pressure

Sometimes if a home is sealed up too well a slight vacuum can be created inside your home. This negative air pressure can actually draw from outside through the chimney causing smoke to come inside your home. To cure negative air pressure, simple crack a window open in your home and allow the pressure to equalize.

Improper Burning

Make sure that you are not burning items that shouldn’t be burned in your fireplace. Burning paper, cardboard, or unseasoned firewood can create more smoke than your chimney might be able to handle. Remember to only burn wood in your fireplace and be sure that the wood you burn has been properly seasoned.

Too Much Moisture

Getting too much water in your chimney flue can cause smoke to cool down. Cooled smoke won’t rise as fast as it should, causing smoke buildup. You can prevent a lot of moisture from coming into your chimney by adding a chimney cap to the top of your chimney.

If you are having issues with smoke and can’t determine the cause, Old Smokey’s is here for you. Call Old Smokey’s today at 800-876-6539 or 260-424-0009, or schedule an appointment online to meet with one of our CSIA chimney technicians today!

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