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Trust Us for Your Annual Chimney Inspection!

It is critical to your family’s safety that your regularly used chimney is operating well. Even if your chimney is only occasionally used, you should still have it periodically inspected by a professional. This is because dirty chimneys are a potential fire hazard. In fact, The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states that the leading contributor to home heating fires is having a chimney that isn’t clean.  However, this shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your fireplace this winter. We here at Old Smokey’s want to let you know that, with a little help and guidance from our professional chimney technicians, your chimney will be perfectly safe to operate this winter.

Why are inspections important?Trust us for your annual chimney inspections

Getting your chimney inspected by one of our chimney technicians is one of the most important things you can do for its health. This is because an inspection allows us to determine if there are any issues that may have risen over the past year that would affect how your chimney operates. During an inspection one of our highly skilled chimney technicians will look for any damage to the your chimney and fireplace masonry, such as cracked brick or crumbling mortar. We will also inspect the inside of your chimney to make sure that it isn’t clogged with any debris, animal nests, or creosote. Lastly, we will inspect any other chimney components (chimney crown, chimney cap, damper, etc.) and make sure they are in safe, operational condition.

Have your chimney inspected by a CSIA certified technician

When you get your chimney inspected, you want to make sure that your inspection is going to be done thoroughly and safely. That’s why it’s critical that you have your chimney inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technician.  To gain CSIA certification, a chimney technician must go through a tough training schedule, learning the latest chimney inspection and chimney maintenance techniques. Next, chimney technicians must learn about the latest in chimney fireplace and safety. Technicians are then allowed to be certified after they pass an exam related to their training and take an oath to perform their work ethically, never taking shortcuts or scamming their customers. At Old Smokey’s, we take CSIA certification very seriously. All of our chimney technicians are required to have CSIA certification to work for us. We want to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work and we want to assure them that we will keep their home and family free from hazards. That’s why being certified is important to us, because it is important to our customers.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected in a while, you may be putting your home at risk. We still have appointment slots open, so call us at 800-876-6539 or 260-424-0009 or reach us online to set up an inspection with one of our chimney technicians. We look forward to serving you!

We Do New Chimney Construction

Do you sometimes feel that your home’s aesthetics is lacking something? Do you wish you had more heating options available? If so, a new fireplace and chimney is the perfect addition to your home. A new fireplace and chimney can bring a cozy, inviting look to your home while also supplying your living areas with adequate amount of heat. Whether you want a new hearth in your master bedroom, a new wood stove in your basement, or wherever, our masonry experts at Old Smokey’s can make it happen for you. However, before making the addition of a new chimney in your home, there are a couple of things that need to be considered.

Choosing a fuel

chimney under construction The fuel you choose to use can impact the way your chimney is constructed. Obviously, if you choose an electric fireplace, you don’t need a chimney. However, wood and gas burning fireplaces require ventilation such as a flue and chimney. Knowing the type of fuel you want to use allow us to determine the type of liner we install. Knowing how much heat output you desire can also help us determine a fuel type, the liner type, and chimney size that is right for your home.


Believe it or not, there are many design options to consider when constructing a new chimney. Whether you like to use stone or brick, there are a variety of different color and pattern for you to choose from. This means that, no matter what your design preferences, we are able to design and create a customized chimney that you’ll be proud of. At Old Smokey’s, our masons have lots of experiences designing and constructing chimneys, so you know you’re in good hands.

Although installing a new fireplace and chimney is a momentous undertaking, we want you to know that we will make your new chimney installation as seamless as possible. We will make sure that construction areas stay clean and unobtrusive to your home, and we will get our work done on schedule and in budget.

Our Pros are CSIA certified

We make safety a priority when working on your projects. We require all of our masons to be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A CSIA certified mason has had been through a rigorous safety training and testing to achieve certification, meaning we know the steps involved to keep your family safe during construction and when operating the fireplace.

If you’re in the market for a new fireplace and chimney, Old Smokey’s can help! Call us at 260-424-0009 or reach us online to set up a consultation with one of our chimney and masonry experts. We look forward to bringing warmth and joy to your home!

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