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For centuries, we’ve chosen brick, stone, and mortar for our homes, hearths, and chimneys – and for good reason! These materials are incredibly durable, look great, and can withstand decades of use and abuse. That’s not to say that maintenance isn’t necessary, though… or that that these materials are indestructible. In fact, that’s not the case at all.

Oftentimes, the mortar joints for these structures are the first to start breaking down and deteriorating. Fortunately, there’s a team in Fort Wayne you can trust for all of your masonry-related needs – repointing included. Give us a call to get started or reach out to us online. We’ve got your back!

What Causes Mortar Joint Damage?

There are many things that can shorten the life of your masonry, but regular maintenance and proper, speedy repairs can help you enjoy your masonry for years to come. Here are some of the most common reasons for needing mortar joint-related repairs:

  • Poor Construction: No matter how well you take care of your chimney, if it was improperly constructed, it simply won’t function properly and it certainly won’t last. A great many of the chimney repairs and rebuilds we do are a result of poor construction by someone claiming to be an experienced mason.
  • Moisture: Water is the biggest culprit for masonry damage, and causes everything from cracking and crumbling joints to bricks discoloration to mold growth. If water is the cause of your masonry decay, let us check for leaks, make any needed repairs, and waterproof your system for the future.
  • Weather/Time: With all the rain, sleet, snow, wind, and fluctuating temperatures, your chimney’s masonry is constantly under attack. Of course, the older your chimney, the more weather abuse it’s been through, and the more likely it is in need of repairs.
  • Neglect: Not good about keeping up with those annual inspections? Make these a priority before the health of your chimney starts to suffer as a result. The sooner we can catch your masonry-related issues, the easier (and more affordable) they’ll be to address.

What Does the Repointing Process Look Like?

Repointing is the process of removing old, eroding mortar joints and replacing them with smooth, new mortar. The process can be a painstaking one, and it requires extensive knowledge of masonry history, materials, techniques, and tools to get it done right. Fortunately, the professional masons here at Old Smokey’s know their stuff.

What are the steps involved in repointing?

  • Assessment & Prep: We’ll examine the structure to identify the areas with damaged or deteriorating mortar. We’ll then cover adjacent surfaces and landscaping with tarps or plastic to protect them from dust and debris.
  • Determine Mortar Composition: Identifying the existing mortar type in order to match it closely to new materials is essential in the repointing process – both for chimney appearance and overall structural soundness.
  • Removal of Old Mortar: Using a chisel or grinder, we’ll carefully remove the old mortar to a depth of about 3/4- to 1-inch. We’ll then use a wire brush to ensure the joints are cleaned of loose or damaged material.
  • Application of New Mortar: Using a pointing trowel, we’ll apply the new, carefully-mixed mortar into the joint, ensuring it is packed tightly. We also use a jointing tool or the edge of the trowel to shape the mortar to match the existing joint profile.
  • Curing: Once all is finished, we’ll allow the newly applied mortar appropriate time to cure. This may involve covering the work area with plastic to protect it during the curing process.
  • Clean Up: Once the mortar is fully cured, we’ll do a final clean of the entire area to remove any remaining debris or residue. You can rest assured that we’ll properly dispose of all waste materials, including old mortar and any cleaning supplies.
  • Post-Project Inspection: After the repointing process is complete, we’ll inspect the entire wall to ensure all joints are properly filled and the appearance is consistent.

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If your chimney is in need of any repairs, let Old Smokey’s experts restore it to its original beauty and functionality. Of course, we also do full rebuilds, so if your chimney is beyond repair, don’t worry – we can take care of that as well.

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