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The Advantages of a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

When you think of all the time and energy that your clothes dryer saves you, it really is a must-have appliance for every home. However, clothes dryers need to be inspected and maintained for safe usage. People don’t often associate their clothes dryer with being a potential safety hazard, but they should. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) states that approximately 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported every year causing 100 injuries, 5 deaths, and nearly 35 million dollars in property loss annually.  Almost one-third of these fires could have been prevented by taking simple, preventative measures. At Old Smokey’s, we take your household’s health and safety very seriously. That is why we offer dryer vent cleaning services from professionally trained, CSIA certified ventilation experts.The Advantages of Professional Dryer Vent Cleanings

How do dryers become hazardous?

When you operate your dryer, warm air is pushed through your clothes and out of the back of your dryer through a ventilation system which blows out of your home. This warm air also blows lint and other small particles off your clothing. Most lint is caught by your dryer’s lint trap, however, some lint is able to make it past the lint trap and rests in your dryer vent. Over time, lint can start to accumulate in your dryer vent to the point that it will eventually clog. Once your vent is clogged, there is nowhere for excess heat and gases to escape, which can cause your dryer to overheat and potentially start on fire. In addition to being a fire hazard, a clogged dryer vent can also cause toxic carbon monoxide to leak into your home.  Although clogs formed by lint are common, your ventilation can also get clogged by debris and animal nesting.

Clogged dryer vents also cause your dryer to operate less efficiently due to restricted airflow. This can cost you time as well as money. If your clothes aren’t drying as well as they usually do, there is a good chance that you have a clogged dryer vent.

We can help!

Sometimes contractors will be in a hurry and not install your dryer vent properly, or use sub-par equipment to hook up your dryer vents. At Old Smokey’s we think this is unacceptable, especially since it concerns your family’s health and safety. During a dryer vent cleaning, we will make sure that all your dryer vents are clear of obstructions and make sure your vents are properly hooked up and not sagging.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used your dryer, or your dryer doesn’t seem to be drying as well as it used to, call Old Smokey’s at 800-876-6539 or 260-424-0009 or reach us online to set up a dryer vent cleaning with one of our professional, certified ventilation technicians. We look forward to serving you!

Avoid Potential Hazards From Uncleaned Dryer Vents

Isn’t it odd that people have bonfires in the summer more than in the winter? We don’t have statistics to prove that, but it’s a Avoid Potential Hazards from Uncleaned Dryer Vents- Fort Wayne, IN- Old Smokey's Fireplace & Chimney-w800-h597good hunch. That got us thinking: some fires are wanted; most fires are not. Old Smokey’s Fireplace & Chimney is here to talk about preventing unwanted fires in your home arising from clogged dryer vents.
Without having your dryer vents cleaned, you face the potential hazard of an unwanted fire in your home. With that in mind, here are some sobering statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

  • The leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires was failure to clean (32%).
  • Dryers and washing machines were involved in 1 out of 22 home fires for 2006-2010.
    In 2010, an estimated 16,800 fires involved clothes dryers or washing machines, resulting in 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million in property damage.
  • Dryer vents can get blocked or clogged as a result of repeated use. Lint and other debris collected in your dryer vents can start a fire. “Other debris” might include animal nesting materials. Lint collected in dryer vents is dry and flammable.

To minimize any risks posed by clogged dryer vents the first order of business is an inspection conducted by a professional. This is the best way to assess whether your dryer vent is clogged. Enlist Old Smokey’s to take a look at your dryer vents to make sure that lint or other debris build-up does not pose a threat of fire.
Old Smokey’s qualified and experienced professionals can identify any problems and then expertly remove clogs and blockages to allow air to ventilate and flow freely — and safely. Old Smokey’s is your go-to source to inspect and clean your dryer vents, including the vent line, the lint trap, and all connections and fittings. As professionals, we do it right the first time.
Our trained experts give dryer vent cleaning the same kind of care and attention chimney sweeping gets. We take pride in excellence. We are proud to say that dryer vent cleaning has been a significant part of our business for many years. As you likely know, our service area is broad and far, but close enough for prompt response time.
In closing, we’d like to add that an Old Smokey’s dryer vent cleaning yields dividends above and beyond fire safety. You can save on energy costs as a result of better drying efficiency. With smooth airflow, your dryer doesn’t need to take as long to dry your wet loads of wash. Also, a good cleaning can help to minimize health risks by enhancing the ventilation of carbon monoxide properly to the outdoors.
p.s. Here are some additional dryer vent safety tips from the NFPA. Now go ahead and call Old Smokey’s at 800-876-6539 to set up a dryer vent inspection and professional cleaning.

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